NATS 1860 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Brainstem

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17 Oct 2012
Format of Test NATS
-Multiple Choice (2 definitions, 2 how did this relate to class)
- 5 Keywords
- 3 short answer questions (5 marks each) address something broad in the course
use reading questions to help you study (tying ideas together from more than one
Define: pyramidal decussating, couching, Flourens, ventricular localization
How did clinical observation contribute to localization theory. Discuss 2 examples.
Pyramidal decussating- Pyramids are in the brainstem. Crossing over nerve fibers in
the medulla or brain stem. Incorporates Sensory/ motor nerves. There was a
debate over if the neurons truly did cross over (right side of brain controls left side
of body, left side of body controls right side of brains). Significant because of this
connection as well as evidence that supports the crossing of nerve fibers for
example people who suffer from hemiplegia.
Short Answer Question
Paul Brocka and his clinical observations with TAN
-the only thing he could say was tan (difficulty in language ability)
-pivotal paper that convinced the scientific community that localization was trley
something to take note of
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