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Study Guides for Mary- Helen Armour

YORKNATS 1880Mary- Helen ArmourWinter

Test #3 Study Notes This is the study note for the information starting from the beginning of the winter term with The Kuiper Belt and Asteroids and ending with black holes and the death of a star. Important aspects bolded.

OC177099 Page
16 Oct 2011
The material in the kuiper belt is probably the remains of material in the solar disk that did not get incorporated into a planet. This is a reservoir
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YORKNATS 1880Mary- Helen ArmourWinter

Test #2 Study Notes These are the study notes for the second test on the planets. In this note there is detailed information on every planet as well as their important moons. This got me a great mark on the test!

OC177098 Page
16 Oct 2011
It must have a source of molecules from which to build living cells. It must have a source of energy to fuel metabolism. It must have a liquid medium f
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