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NATS 1505 Final: NATS 1505 :Understanding CyberSpace FINAL EXAM GUIDE

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Natural Science
NATS 1505
Dr.Vera Pavri

Lecture 2: Early Telephone usage and issues of security, privacy and alienation: Landline Sociability: A. Discouraging sociability: Sociability: desire to be connected to others Telephones; practical and for emergency purposes Telephone introduction seemed as a fad this was because people of the time were used to using telegraphs as a form of proper communication Late 1840s a lot of competition; telephone services got cheaper overtime. Landline vs Cellphone Comparison: Privacy, security and alienation. Relationship between old and new technology. Key similarities and differences. Differences Amplification Amplification is really an idea that highlights the connection between new and old technology. New technology doesnt necessarily means that we stop using the old technology. They can do the same things as the old device but amplifies the features of the old technology. Practical and for emergency usage. Earlier usage of phones: The idea of safety was often raised when people were encouraged to have a phone at home for emergency purposes. Preventing theftscalling authorities over phone (crime prevention), making sure someone didnt get sick. Telephone became more widely usage. Concerns arose amongst people about excessive telephone usage by children safety concerns Privacy: a telephone in your home can give you the room for private conversation in the comfort of your own home. However, in larger companies privacy and security concerns of other people hearing over important conversations (eavesdropping) Telephone silencer HUSHAPHONE To eliminate phone call eavesdropping. Business calling, connecting family and friendsvoice visiting Telephone calling not the same as face to face. Phone calls not as significant as seeing someone in person. Shallow conversations. Phone calls could lead to more miscommunication than communication.
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