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Entire Cell Unit This is the entire first cell unit, from the first class until October 5th 2010. I never missed a class and kept up with everything said in it. Includes when the teacher says certain things mentioned will be on the exam.

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Natural Science
NATS 1675
Robert Crippen

ENDOCYTOSISdivided into two process1 Pinocytosispinodrinking2 PhagocytosisphagoeatingVACUOLEis a membrane bound versicle formed from the cell membrane GA etcVACCUSemptyLYSOSOMEa membrane bound organelle containing digestive enzymeseither fuse with and digest the contents of phagosomes or the contents of the cell when the cell dieswhen the cell dies the breakdown is extremely importantMICROVILLIfingerlike projectionsextentions from the surface of the cell1 increase the surface area of cellsthis is important in cells involved in transport of substances across the cell membraneeg intenstinal cells2 may help as a type of a sense organelle for some cellsMICROFILIMENTSMICROTUBULESfiliments or tubes that are composed of protein and are frequently associated with glucoseare crisscrossed with cytoskelletonhelps maintain the cells shapePROKARYOTIC CELLS VS EUKARYOTIC CELLS pro are 1010000x smaller than eu cellspro dont have a nucleusnucleoidregion of chromosomechromosome DNA is not insulated with protein like eukaryotic DNAforms a loop or a ringpro includes plasmidsdonut shaped pieces of DNAsome pro species have flagellaconsist of hollow tubes dont have internal structurebuild from distoouter endshould a flagella breakoff only takes 1020 mins to regrowpro cells have been around for over 3 billionlikely the first life formseu cells have only been around for a billion yearsCELL SIZEsurface area to volume is an important factor in controlling cell sizethe surface area proportionally decreases with an increase in cell size or cell volumesurfacevolumeas the size of the cell increases the surface area decreasespicture 3 cubes 1cm 2cm 3cmthey will ALL have a 5 surface but the insides are different1cm cube6sidesx1cm6cm2 surface arealength x width x height1x1x11cm3volume
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