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Midterm #2 Review Genetics review includes: 2 charts: 1) describing the difference between mitosis, and meiosis 1 and 2. 2) describing the dominant, recessive and chromosome alteration mutations. Key terms and definitions are also included (nondisju

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Natural Science
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NATS 1690
Motti Anafi

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ProphasePrometaMetaphasAnaphaseTelophaseCytokinMitosisChromo coil Cellular Chromo LineSister Reverse Cellular Asexual SpindleCellular membrane up at equatorchromat prophase DivisionCell Poles formbreaks downseparateevents when DivisionMicrotubules radiate outMicrotubuleMicrotub chromo reach from polescapture chrom pull chromo polesAt centromere to poles move them toward equatorMeiosisChromo Condense Chromo lineparents Homologues Asexual Tetrads come together up at move to finish ReprodSynopsismetaphaseopposite end migrating toGamete Crossing over of Nonplateof cellpolessSister Chromat Sometimes 1nuclear envelop forms2Spindles formChromo Are Chromat SeparatedReductiChromatids separatealignedare chromo Reach on of separatedpoleschromo nuclear envelope is formedDominant No carriersNever skips generations Homo or Hetero 1 or both alleles may be mutatedHuntingtonTrinucleotide repeatGOFEggSperm50 chance for offspringDwarfismDwarf parent 50 chance of offspring lethal if 2 alleles are mutatedRecessive Can be carrier must be homozygous can skip generationsSickle CellHemophiliaXMale infertilitymales get it from motherfemale will be carrier if mutated X from father
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