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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1700
Valeri Michkine

What you need to know for Test 1 For Test 1 you should know: All lecture content and the content of the lecture summaries on each of the following: 1. Attempting to define “technology”, including: (a) the working constructs used to create the definitions/explanations put forth in the lectures. Here you do not need to learn each and every definition provided by the authorities; (b) the elements or considerations that are necessary to create a definition, such as an idea, its implementation, etc…; and (c) whether any definition of technology should include or exclude animals/organisms including the reasons for excluding/including them, as well as examples of technology of animals/organisms. (d) the categories of benefits (individual, societal and global) and how they are defined/explained. 2. The Science behind new technology including (a) the two areas of physics and the area of physics responsible for new technology; (b) the principles of uncertainty, and probability; (c) the double slit experiment and its significance; (d) what nature of the electron (subatomic particle) we use to find an electron in its orbit around the nucleus of and atom, including the statement in word form of the calculation for determining the highest probable location of a subatomic particle/electron in its orbit; (e) what Tunneling or Quantum Leap is applied to the real world and to an electron in a closed box; (f) why trying to look at a subatomic particle such as an electron is self defeating; and (g) why one microchip out of 100,000 such chips coming off the same production line may not work or may work differently or not at all. 3 The Coursekit articles and the Coursekit articles themselves including: (a) the Transistor, what it does (how it works) and its advantages over its predecessor technology; (b) the steps in making an integrated circuit found in from Sand To Silicon, and why silicon is use
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