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Astro 001 Final Fall 2002 Sect 001 Name.docx

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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1740

Astro 001 Final Fall 2002 Name_________________________ Section________ Unless otherwise stated, all questions are weighted equally or 2 points per question. 200 points = 100%. The following sequence of questions has a total of 71 points. (1) (Three points) Enumerate and describe at least two important properties of a scientific model or theory. (2) (Four points) What are some of the main reasons for the winter versus summer? Identify and describe the major reasons. (3) (Four points) What new things of phenomena did Galileo uncover when he used the new telescope to look at the sky? For two more points, which of these had the most impact in deciding between the Ptolemaic and Copernican theories of the heavens? (4) (Three points) What controls of the car directly impact or affect its acceleration? Please explain. (5) (Three points) Do the shapes of constellations change through time? Please describe. Being specific in your thinking will help shape your answer. (6) (Four points) Please enumerate Kirchhoffs laws. (7) (Four points) Which planets would a person on Mars never observe high in the sky at night? (8) (Two points) Which countries have landed people successfully on the moon? (9) (Four points)Wh ich planets in this solar system have rings? (10) (Four points) What is the diameter of the earth? The distance from the earth to the moon? You may use either kilometers or miles to express your answer. (11) (Four points) If a small planet were to have an atmosphere, which would it be more likely to have hydrogen or carbon dioxide in its atmosphere? Explain. (12) (Four points) Please distinguish among meteoroids, meteors, and meteorites. (13) (Six points) Describe a comet indicating its basic parts. You may coordinate this with a sketch if you feel it is appropriate. (14) (Four points) Enumerate (list) and briefly describe the main processes of heat transfer. Which ones are operating for the Sun? (15)(Four points) Which is the core of the Sun, a solid, liquid, gas, or plasma (hot gas with the electrons stripped from the atoms)? Please explain. (16) (Four points) Describe how the Suns equilibrium is maintained. (17)(Four points) Name and describe the basic method used to measure the distance to nearby stars. Some diagramming might be appropriate. (18) (Three points) What is the single most important property of a star that determines the steps it goes through after ending its main sequence life? (19) (Three points) About how large will the Sun become when it reaches the red giant stage? Ten more definitions at two points each follow for a total of twenty points. Please define the terms carefully for two points per term. You may use sketches or diagrams to illustrate what you are talking about if you find that useful.: (1) Occams razor: (2) retrograde motion: (3) Astronomical unit(AU): (4) spectroscope: (5) hydrostatic equilibrium:
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