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Nats 1745 exam question & answers chapter 1.docx

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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1745

1What celestial event is Newgrange aligned to Describe what happens at Newgrange onthis day oNewgranges roof box is aligned to the winter solstice sunriseo A beam of sunlight hits the roofbox and illuminates the floor which will eventually illuminate the main chamberoAs sun rises a light of beam through roofbox2Describe what happens to the Sundagger on the solstices and equinoxes oAt the winter and summer solstice and rise also at the equinoxes sunlight shines between three giant rocks at the summit of Fajada Butte throwing bright sundaggers onto an intricate set of spiral patterns carved on the rock behind3What celestial event is Stonehenge aligned to Describe what happens at Stonehenge on this day oStonehenge is most likely an observatory for following the sun through the seasons It is a monumental shrine to the sun Stonehenges heel stone is aligned to the summer solstice sunrise The sun rises just over the heel stone position of the monument on the summer solstice4Why do archeoastronomers suspect that Stonehenges Heel Stone had a missing partner stoneoThe sun used to hit right next to the Heel Stone and that didnt make sense oAlso it was the only stone that was by itself when all other stones in the Stonehenge were in pairs5What causes the Sun to rise and set every dayoDue to Earths 24 hour eastward spin around its polar axis the sun moves westward across the sky it rises in the east reaches its highest point at noon then sets in the west6 What is the local time for an observer who is directly facing the opposite side of the sky from Sun olocal midnight 7Local time when the sun is at its highest point in the sky olocal noon 8What is the local time when the Sun is seen on the Eastern horizon olocal sunrise 9What is the local time when the Sun is seen on the Western horizon oLocal sunset
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