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Nats 1745 exam questions and answers chapter 2
Nats 1745 exam questions and answers chapter 2

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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1745

CHAPTER 21What motivated the imperial astronomers of Ancient China to monitor the skies Why were they more interested in comets and supernovae than in the planets oFor the ancient Chinese the sky was the mirror of the Earth By keeping a close eye on the heavens the Emperor could check what was happening in China Astrology was the whole reason for watching the skyo They believed that the sky was intimately related to events on Earth It was a type of Astrology The Ancient Chinese believed that when they saw chaos in sky chaos was going to happen on earthspecifically government oThe planets they understood that planets are normal They have predictable order cycle whereas comets and supernovae dont They are chaotic When something unusual happened like comet and supernovea there was a sign that something chaotic was going to happen2What produced the Crab Nubula and Crab Pulsar How do we know that the Crab Pulsar is just over 950 years old oThe Crab Nebula is the debris from a supernova that the Chinese saw explode in AD 1054 At the heat of the twisted remains of the old supernova lies a rapidly spinning relic of the explosion the Crab Pulsar For todays astrophysicists trying to understand the nature of pulsars the Chinese records provide one vital clue that they cant find out any other way the age of the Crab Pulsar oIt formed when the core of the supernova collapsed so the Chinese skywatchers reveal that the pulsar is just over 950 years olda mere youngster on the cosmic stage In the center is this star that is flashing how do we know its 950 because pulsar occurred when supernovea was born and we know that the number of years ago of the supernovea marks the date of the pulsar oKnow Date of Supernovea know date of its pulsar3In what 2 ways does the construction of the Mayan Pyramid of Kukulkan suggest a connection to the sky oThe Mayan Pyramid of Kukulkan had 365 steps which shows that the Mayans were aware of the Suns annual cycleAlso there was a annual serpentpattern of light and shades tracked the time of yearfor ex on the equinoxes a full serpents end appeared at Kukulkans head The pyramid was used as a calendar because the northern staircase is divided by a short wall and at the bottom of the wall there is Kukulkans snake head oThroughout the year there was a pattern of light and shadow which moved across the pyramidcreated by steps4What do the remaining openings in the Mayan El Caracol suggest that this building was used for oThe opening in the observatory dome was aligned to the North most and South most setting positions of the planet Venuswhich allowed the Maya to measure the duration of Venus full path in the sky5What two celestial cycles are tracked in the Dresden codex
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