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Chapter 1 - Exam Review Questions.docx

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Natural Science
NATS 1745
Robin Metcalfe

NATS1745 60 History of Astronomy Winter 2012Chapter 1 Exam Review1 What celestial event is Newgrange aligned to Describe what happens at Newgrange on this day Newgrange is aligned with the WINTER SOLTICE The Sun rises on the shortest day of the year2 Describe what happens to the Sundagger on the solstices and equinoxes At noon on the solsticesequinoxes The Sundagger exhibits two beams of sunlight which bisect or frame the spiralsSummer Solstice bisects perfectly through the spiralsSpringFall Equinoxes do notWinter Solstices frame the spiral3What celestial event is Stonehenge aligned to Describe what happens at Stonehenge on this day Stonehenges heelstone is aligned to the summer Solstice Today the sun rises behind the stone in the past it would rise beside the stone4 Why do archeoastronomers suspect that Stonehenges Heel Stone had a missing partner stone Archeoastronomers believe that Stonehenges Heel Stone had a partner stone because every stone is paired to frame the sun5 What causes the Sun to rise and set every day The Sun rises and sets everyday because of the Suns westward movement across the sky and Earths easterly spin on its axis6 What is the local time for an observer who is directly facing the opposite side of the sky from Sun What is the local time when the Sun is at its highest point in
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