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NATS 1745
Robin Metcalfe

NATS1745 60 History of Astronomy FallWinter 2011Chapter 5 Exam Review1What was Tycho Brahes lifelong goal Did he achieve his goal in his lifetime Who carried on his work to successful completionHe decided to dedicate his life and considerable resources to recording planetary positions ten times more accurately than the best previous workHe achieved his goal of measuring to one minute of arcThis was a tremendous feat before the invention of the telescopeHis aim was to confirm his own picture of the universe which was that the earth was at rest the sun went around the earth and the planets all went around the sunan intermediate picture between Ptolemy and CopernicusWho carried on his work KEPLERhe wanted to find stellar parallax and create a better solar system model2What celestial event did Tycho Brahe witness in 1563 What did he observe about the date of this event and what did it motivate him to doObserved the overlapping of Jupiter and Saturnmeasured 2 celestial bodies as they closed with each other The Copernican tables were several days off in predicting this event In his youthful enthusiasm Brahe decided to devote his life to the accumulation of accurate observations of the heavens in order to correct the existing tablesa planetary conjunction the dates predicted by Ptolemy and Copernicus were both wrong so Tycho decided to discover the true model of our planetary systemIn August 1563 Brahe witnessed a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn What piqued Brahes interest was the fact that all the existing almanacs and ephemerides predicted this event inaccurately even the Copernican tables were off by a couple of days His devotion to accuracy extended beyond astronomy On December 29 1566 he challenged another Danish nobleman to a duel to decide an argument over a mathema
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