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Chapter 8 - Exam Review Questions.docx

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Natural Science
NATS 1745
Robin Metcalfe

NATS1745 60 History of Astronomy Winter 2012Chapter 8 Exam Review1 What was William Herschel looking for when he discovered Uranus What made Herschel particularly suited for discovering planets In what 2 ways did Uranus reveal itself to Herschel as a planet What is it about Uranus orbit that caused it to be considered a planet instead of a comet What is the origin of Uranus nameaWilliam was looking for stellar parallax when he found UranusbHe created his own telescopescIt increased in size when magnifying it with a telescope and it moved relative to the starsdIt had a more circular than elliptical orbiteUranus came from a Greek origin being the father of Saturn and grandfather of Jupiter2 What did Kepler believe existed between the large space between Mars and Jupiter Explain why Bodes Law supported this ideaaKepler believed that there was a planet between Mars and Jupiter because there was a big gap He led to it by using his law of planetary motionsbBodes law supported this idea because he showed planetary distances follow a numeric sequence3 What is the name of the object found in 1801 between Mars and Jupiter What was this object finally classified as and why What is this object a part ofaCeres was found between Mars and Jupiter Goddess of Sicily PazzibIt was finally classified as an asteroid because it was so small that it seems starlikecIt is part of the Asteroid belt4 What caused Adams and Leverrier to suspect the existence of a planet beyond
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