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Natural Science
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NATS 1745
Robin Metcalfe

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NATS1745 60 History of Astronomy Winter 2012Chapter 9 Exam Review1 Why did all attempts to detect stellar parallax fail until the 1830saAll attempts failed because of the common misconception that the brightest star was the closest star2 What did Halley announce about stars in the early 1700s How did this discovery aid the detection of stellar parallaxaHalley showed that stars movebBy showing that stars move made it possible for astronomer to judge the nearness of a star based on motion and brightness3 What is our nearest star and how far away is it approximately in light years aAlpha Centauri is the nearest starbIt is 44LY away4 What is the definition of a light year What is the definition of a parsec NOTE the specific values in km arent necessary here Which unit is bigger and by approximately how muchaLY The distance light travels in a yearbParsec The distance of an object with parallax of 1 arc second as seen from the Earthcparsecs are bigger than light years1 parsec is around 3 times bigger than a light year5 According to the wave theory of light what are all light waves composed ofaoscillating electric and magnetic waves6 Describe how a wave from a bright blue light source is different from a wave from a faint red light source aA bright blue source will create waves with high amplitude and short wavelength fast long waves whereas faint red source will create waves with low amplitude and long wavelength slow short waves7 What colour of visible light is shortest in wavelength What colour of visible light is longest in wavelength What colour of visible light has the lowest frequency What colour of visible light has the most energyaBluebRedcReddBlue8 In the full spectrum of light what kind of light is shortest in wavelength What kind of light is longest in wavelength What kind of light has the most energy aGammabRadiocGamma9 What is a spectroscope aA telescope including a dispersion mechanism A glass makes dispersion and the telescope helps to see spectrum more clearly10 What is Fraunhofers Spectrum a spectrum of What does it contain ie continuum emission absorption lines andor emission linesaSpectrum of sun with absorption linesbSuns spectrum contains absorption lines and continuum11 Describe briefly how the chemical composition of a star can be determined aMatching the emission line with known gases with absorption line of stars we can measure the chemical composition of the stars
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