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Chapter 12 - Exam Review Questions.docx

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Natural Science
NATS 1745
Robin Metcalfe

NATS1745 60 History of Astronomy 201112Chapter 12 Exam Review1What is the van Karman line What was the first manmade object to breach it Who designed this object and where did he end up workingaVan Karman Line is the line that separates Earths atmosphere from spacebFirst manmade object to breach it was the V2 missilecWerner Von Braun designed this object and after surrendering to the Americans in WWII he was a German he ended up working at NASA2How were the 1st photographs of Earth taken from spacestaThe V2 rocket were used by the US military to take the 1 photos from space3What kinds of animals were first launched into space by the US after the fruit flies What about the Soviet UnionaSoviets USSRDogsUSMonkeysiOnly 1 of the monkeys suffocateda few blew up one crashed into Earth and few survived4Which country launched the first satellite into Earthorbit and what was this satellite calledaSoviet Union launched the first satellite into EarthOrbit the satellite was called Sputnik5Which country launched the 1st human into space Describe how this trip was madestaSoviet Union launched the 1 human into spacebThey launched a human in a small pod like a cannonball The pod breached the Earths boundary then fell back toward the Earth and landed by parachute6Which country made the first unmanned landings and orbits of the Moon What did the Luna 3 take photographs of for the 1st timestaThe Soviets made the 1 unmanned moon landings and lunar orbitsstbLuna 3 took photos of the Moons far side for the 1 time7Why cant we see the far side of the Moon from Earth Why is the far side more cratered than the near sideaNot visible from earth due to the moons synchronous orbit Rotation periodits orbital periodbThe Moons far side never faces us because the moon spins at the same rate as it orbits the Earth8Which country made the first manned landing on the Moon What was this name of the astronaut who first stepped on the MoonaNASA lands Apollo 11 on the MoonbAstronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first human to walk on the Moon9What is an orbiter What is a lander What is a roveraOrbiter is an spacecraft in orbit around a planet or moonbLander is a spacecraft that can land on another planet or mooncRover is a spacecraft that can move rove on a planet or moon10Which planets in our solar system have been landed on by humanmade crafts Were these missions manned or unmannedaMars and VenusbMissions were both unmanned11What did NASAs Space Shuttle consist of What was its purposeaSpace Shuttle consists of rockets a space plane and an orbiterbPurpose is to get cargo and human crew tofrom satellites like the ISS12What is the International Space Station What is its purpose
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