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Chapter 11 - Exam Review Questions.docx

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Natural Science
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NATS 1745
Robin Metcalfe

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NATS1745 60 History of Astronomy 201112Chapter 11 Exam Review1 What are the advantages of radio astronomy compared to visiblelight astronomy Make sure that you understand why radio waves have each of these advantagesaCan be detected on earth with ground level telescopes both night and day through clouds reflects of most metallic surfaces and not absorbed by interstellar dust Since its strongly emitted by young galaxies which allow us to observe them as they appeared in the distant past Radio is emitted strongly by young galaxies allows us to see deeper into the universe in radio light than in any other type of light Cause young galaxies are the most distant galaxies bTo address the whythe long wavelengths of radio are what allow it to penetrate atmospheres and gas clouds and dust in space also the reason why we can use radio telescopes during the day is because the Suns radio emission is very low unlike its visible light2 Who was the 1st person to detect radio emission from space Where was this emission coming from How did he know thisaKarl Jansky was the first person to detect radio emission from our galaxybThe emission detected by Jansky was coming from our galaxy He knew this because the emission was strongest in the Sagittarius constellation and the centre of the galaxy is in the direction of this constellationcHe knew this because the signal was strongest at Sagittarius and
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