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Natural Science
NATS 1760
Edward Jones- Imhotep

MARCH 7, 2013 Darwinism and the Godless System • Natural Selection and the Problem of God • Responses to Darwin’s theory -random variation- animals vary by chance - world is governed by randomness - threatens religion because of notion of design Problem of God – once you get a theory, you have to ask what the position of god is in the univerese – problem of evil: if you have evil in the world, why would god create this – the role god plays in the world – darwin's idea of extinction goes against god – incompatible rationale of benevolent god, but why would god create species in order for them to go extinct – agnostic: cannot make a decsion about the existence of god – Darwin ends up being agnostic in parts of his life Scientific Naturalism: only explanation that science can use are naturalist explanations – what kinds of explanations are legitimate – science is science, discussions of god should be separate – one solution to problem of god – problem of god is not problem of science Theistic naturalism – can take laws of science but suggest that god created those law – accept scientific law but suggest they are laws that god impose on the world Theistic naturalism and the work ofAsa Gray – works on the taxonomy of plants – professor of natural history – supporter of darwin – initially believes ends justify the meanings – doesn't matter what happens between, the end is what matters – changes mind – variation as something that is created by god NOT random – transforms into Lamarckianism – Lamarckism and evolution circle around problem of progress – both theories are interpreted as theories that represent progress –
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