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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1760
Edward Jones- Imhotep

Science and Systems Competing Worldviews • The Mechanical Worldview - notion world should be organized and understood through machines • The Electromagnetic Worldview - world should be understood according to energy • The Rise of Electricity • Electrification • Thomas Edison and Electric Power – born in the U.S – parents lives in Canada, mother is a school teacher – leaves school after 3 months, mother begins homeschooling him – she teaches him how to read and how to experiment – early on he is skeptical of formal religion – nearly deaf at age 12 – first major invention comes into telegraphy- send signals through a wire (symbols) – develops a system of sending four sepearate signals simultaneously through a single wire- quadraplex telegraphs Menlo Park – Edison's labratory – completely dedicated to systematic inventions- invention after invention – believes you can come up with a system for invention – invention is only one percent inspiration, 99% perspiration – invention laboratory – vast amount of materials – achives minor invention every ten days, major every 3 months – emobies idea of systematic invention – way of inventing systems of devices rather than single – takes holistic view of development- have to think about the sy
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