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Natural Science
NATS 1760
Edward Jones- Imhotep

V-2 Rocket – WWII produce partnership between science and military – oriented toward production of new weapons – German scaled up rocketry and made it secret – used by Nazis Background of Germany – dealing with effects of losing WWI – forced germany to take all responsibility for WWI – allies placed heavy restrictions on the navy Civilain rocket clubs – volunteers, low social status – making human space flight reality – utopian vision – helping germany regain prestige lost in Europe – political wish to make stronger germany – loosely organize, not widely respected – funding was scant, bardered for supplies – work was done in public – admission to watch rocket laiunch or watched as advertisement – instead of using solid fuel, used liquid fuel creating larger thrust Miliitary officers- german artillery officers – professional, secret, well funded – rockets as weapons to kill civilians – long range rockets – powerful weapon in 2 ways: cause al ot of physical damage, pyshcological effect- morality would collapse and surrender – showed up at rocket meeting, like idea of liquid fuel – didn't feel rocket club was scientific in the approach- no data and numbers – did not like the idea of doing work in public, wanted absolute secrecy because wanted rockets to be unknown so shock would massive when rockets were fired – tried to recruit civilian rocket clubs who were more scientific – used facsist structure to shut down civilian rocketry, during Nazis – classified as state secret Wernher Von Braun – 18 yrs old when he started making rockets in civilian rocket club – obsessed with the idea of human space life and spent life developing rockets – civilian rocket clubs then military – military officers developing rockets and being secret – space flight vs weapons – differences in military- more scientific, more funding, goal of destruction – new position proved he was talented engineer and designer – change in pace and ascale and ro Pennemunde – isolated island far from cities – selected as cited for secret V2 based – transformed into community that house thousands of scientists – new model for science: large scale science research- Big Science – reflected miliatary urgency and resources Nazis had available – Everything under one roof approach to buildig rockets- beuratic control of who knew what about the rocket – control work and workers to maintain secrecy – heavily gaurded – 12,000 people worked there at peak – massive divisionof labor to build rockets 3 important things happened – first V2 was successfully launched- 1946 – Von Braun made films showing lift offs to promote production for War- promoted to Nazi leadership to convince them to put it into mass production – launching rockets at cities such as London- 1943 bombed Penemunde- cover was blown- need for larger factory – new location Mittlework – built into side of mountain – middle of Germany – difficult to bomb – labor- mass produce object needed large workforce- slave laborors- underfed, beaten- Jewish prisoners – number of slaves 10s of thousands, compared to 700 peenemunde – more people died making V2 rocket than killed by attacks – large heavily gaurded Nazi Germany toAmerican – end of WWII all sides regarded science and technology as determining outcomes of the war – well known that Germany had developed a number of technological innovation that others had not Competition for Germany's secret – Von Braun wanted Americans to see value in his work and give him preferred treatment- he was right – was member of nazi party, managed to escape trial and punishment- operation paperclip- german scientists came to america- jobs all over america – Von Braun ended up inAlabama and learned english than given citizenship – preferential treatment of Germans – special treatment to start whole new life – Von Braun NASA – operation paperclip show US did not value ethical behaviour – scientists vital to national security, way they have never been seen before Von Braun's new life in America – began working on ICBM for US army – successful in building a public image – 1950s most famous scientist inAmerica – incredible political laughter in the US – secret past play important role in space race – president had serious reservations about him – Free space- space used only for peaceful things – 1957 Soviet union successful in launching ICBM – Anxiety they would be bomed Space Race – race for technological advanaces and rocket NASA- – comprised of miliary people – Von Braun rocket scientist Von Braun Paradigm – large scale space flight – when questioned about Nazi claimed atypical to politics, ignorance about slave labor, did not know where rockets wou
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