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Natural Science
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NATS 1760
Edward Jones- Imhotep

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Lecture Outline - Cosmology / Environmentalism Cosmology Reviewing theories of the universe • Aristotle and the homocentric universe - human beings at the centre of the universe • Copernicus and the shift to heloiocentrism - sun occupies the centre • Galileo and the infinite universe The - humans occupy marginal space in the universe New Cosmology • The Island Universe and the Place of the Earth • Expansion versus Stasis • The Universe, the Past and the Future Big Bang – universe is expanding – stars moving away from us will have their life shifted to the red end of the spectrum – galaxies are moving away from the centre of the universe – stars and galaxies reach one point – billion years ago there was a big bang, an explosion that gave way to the earth, cosmos formed – question of the place of human beings in the universe – question of the future 3 competing theories about what will happen 1) Universe will expand until gravity stops expansions and reverese expansion and contract- big crunch 2) universe will expand forever but the rate of expansion will decrease- 3) universe is infinite and eternal- expanding and contracting again and again, big bang repeats- born,dies, lives again- phoenix theory Environmentalism • The beginnings of modern Western environmentalism • Rachel Carson – born in 1907 in Pennsylvania – youngest child of mother who had deep respect for nature and the wilderness – began lifelong fascination with the ocean and the water – changed to biology, masters degree in genetics – later does research at marine biology laboratories – starts to write biology for wider audiences – focuses on DDT • DDT – "The Saviour of Mankind" – Dichloroid Diphenyl Trichloroethane – forms a family of substances – complex/ complicated molecules – s
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