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Midterm Exam- Science and Technology Handout

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Natural Science
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NATS 1760
Vera Pavri

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LECTURER’S MIDTERM OUTLINE th Date and Time: Tuesday December 13 from 2-4:30pm Location: REXL REXLWW Reminders: 1. Bring Photo ID 2. Make sure all electronics turned OFF 3. You can do questions in any order 4. SINGLE SPACE ANSWERS 5. Write on both lined and blank sides of booklet 6. Answer in full sentences 7. If the question asks for examples, separate each example into different paragraphs 8. Pen or pencil is fine – make sure its legible 9. Hand in both question sheet and book when done For this exam, you will be required to answer both short and long answer questions. Part I. Short Answer Questions (choose 5 of 8) = 10 marks each Topics: 1. Hydraulic hypothesis 2. Relationship between science and technology 3. Mechanical clock debate 4. Needham/Sivan debate (Sci Rev in China) 5. Galileo and the Church 6. Bacon vs. Descartes 7. Newton vs. Descartes 8. Darwin and Lamarck Part II. Long Answer Question (25 Marks) Topic: Downfall of Aristotelian worldview (Copernicus to Newton) For these questions, you can use material from the
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