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NATS 1760 Final Exam Notes (2010-2011)

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York University
Natural Science
NATS 1760
Darrin Durant

NATS 1760A Final Exam Notes Exam is out of 100 PointsA Case Studies Complete 5 of 7 questions 50 Points 10 Points for Each Question Knowledge and Understanding6 Case Studies Do not just read the lecture notes about those studies Read the actual reading and think about the main points of these readings as the questions are quite specific Week 13 Global Warming 1 What relation exists between data and models EdwardsGlobal Climate Science Uncertainty and Politics Dataladen Models Modelfiltered DataThe claim behind the climate change theory and positive feedback is that global warming along with other factors such as abundant water vapors and radiation creates climate change Data and models can be manipulated at willThere is a need for academics and scientists to verify the data and models for credibilityWe as citizens must make wise decisions about trusting quality material from unknown sources We must try to not be influenced by others to make a decisionEdwards points out the issue of scientists validations of climate change modelsDataladen modelsTheoretical construct based on physical laws Modelfiltered dataconstruct based on measurements and calculationsEdwards argue that scientists should recognize the uncertainty within their calculations without the need to conceal unresolvable epistemological problemsEdwards also argue the controversy should be carefully handled for uncertainties as well as carefully planning out the discussions between the parties involved in the issue
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