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History Lecture/Tutorial Notes for the Exam

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Natural Science
NATS 1775
Vera Pavri

Lecture April 14, 19 10 – noon 2183 Vari Hall in the History Department - 1848-57 Louis St Laurent Liberal - 1957-63 John Diefenbaker conserve - Trudeu one of the youngest prime ministers In Canadian History - Baby boomers coming of age during this time - Completed with older opponents which helped him win - 1965 elected to house of commons - 1967 minister of justice - Bilingualism and biculturalism was trudeus platform - 1968 becomes prime minister (trudeu) - White paper 1969, aimed towards aboriginal people, believes no one individual should exercise more rights than another individual in the same society - Status and creation of reserves worked against aboriginal people, tried to do away with the special status aboriginal people have - Aboriginal people aren’t happy with his efforts to take away their unique status - Problems of quebec within Canada - The BNA act - Building a trascontiental nation - Conscription crises - The French language within quebec (children where educated in English) - Francophones, Anglophones and allophones - The Parti Quebecois - Fertility rate in Quebec is going down, need immigrants to maintain their economy - 1970s René Lévesque - PQ – seek the independence of quebec from Canada itself - 1973: liberals win - The FLQ Crisis - Terrorism - James cross October 1970 - Pierre Laporte - War Measures Act – Trudeu initiated this act, National emergency (your rights can be taken away from you, and you can be arrested) - Gives the power of the provincial police to arrest anybody to hold them without charge - Arrest of major labor leaders - The language laws, - St. Leonard 1968: school board rules against allophone community - Union National government 1966-70 fails to deal with issue through stresses the importance of allophone learning French - Bill 22: only those who pass an English test will be able to send children to English speaking schools; alienates allophone and Anglophone communities - PQ Victory - Trudeau intent on moving towards patriation of constitution without Quebec’s agreement - Election: November 1976Issue of language is key in schools, in workplace, among professionals - PQ also softens stand on independence; will seek referendum before moving to independance - Trudeau, Levesque and Borassa - Three different visions of Quebec and relationship to Canada - Trudeau: a Bilingual Nation - Levesque: A separate Nation - Bourassa: A special nation - Charter of rights and freedoms - Probl
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