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Natural Science
NATS 1775
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NATS 1775 FINAL EXAMShort Answer1Science Technology and WWIlasted between 19141918 10 million dead many lives lost unnecessarily new technologies were introduced but initial war strategiestactics didnt change with time spacetransportationWWI seen as more oldfashioned warhad existing technologies railroads telegraphs machine guns barbed wire COMBINED with newer devices airplane tanks poison gasWW1 military had to learn about new technologiesfigure out how they should be usedWW1 called Great War War To End All Wars mixed attitudes negativeproblematic OR beneficialex machine gun invented in late 1800s used in WW1 on massscale Allies BritsFrench did not favour this unfairAllies rather fight on ground with techniques and bravery thought machine gun was poorer way to fightWW1 military leaders came from positions of power AristrocracyGermans were the major enemy preferred combat on horsesTHthWW1 was a 20 Century War fought with 19 Century tacticsNaval Power Naval Technologies introducedbegan an arms raceassociated with world powernavy importance1906 Britain created stateoftheart battleship DREADKNOT was advanced Brits thought it would beat other ships DREADKNOT did make other ships obsolete but created arms race for countries who feared for their own securitydevelopment of Navy Leagues funded by coalsteel shipyards convinced govt that if navy not strong nation would be destroyed Fuelled ideas of nationalism CompetitionBritish Admiralty command of the seasTechnology was NOT key to winning WW11 country has advantage of technology but then loses advantage with another countrys technologyGermans developed advantage on the seas underwater submarinesLethal attack not only the navy but the Allies tooAllies counterattacked with technology to find submarines trackerBack and forth between technologies in WW1Mass CombatIntro of New LandAir Weaponschanging of strategiessurviving in war was expectationwar became longer strategies needed to be changedmilitary had little idea about what to do in the event of a long warrailway use in WW1 problematic because of trench warfareNeeded to be changed only built so far far from fighting zones soldiersresources were farPrewar developments in weapon tech were not seen as something that would change face of warfareBarbed WireGunsthnew strategy barbed wire took away element of surprise introduced in end of 19 centurychanges traditional tactics of surprise attacksthlate 19 century came production of rifles finally giving advantage to snipers over the traditional bowmanmachine guns were advantage for warfare against enemy 1 man with machine gun could kill more than 1 rifle
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