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NATS 1780
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SCNATS 1780 A 60Y Summer Term 2013 ExamAugust 15 2013 WHITEExam SpecificsYou must be able to present valid York University student ID yucardThe time allocated for this exam is 180 minutesThe exam is comprised of three partsPart AMultiplechoice questions 40 marksPart BWritten answersmandatory questions 35 marksPart CWritten answerschoice of questions 25 marksThis is a closedbook exam York Universitys principles regarding academic integrity will be strictly adhered toNonprogrammable calculators are permitted Phones smart phones eg iPhone BlackBerry Android Windows etc tablets eg iPad Android Windows netbooks laptops etc cannot be used as calculators and must be kept stored out of sight Headsetsheadphonesetc must be removed and stored out of sightTo assist in translation between English and a students native language a hardcopy dictionary may be used Invigilators will inspect students dictionaries during the examIf you have any questions please ask the instructor or any of the invigilatorsGiven Information is provided as an appendix at the end of this exam paperThe SCANTRON sheet and all examination booklets even if they are empty must be surrendered to an invigilator prior to the student exiting the examination venue Students may retain their copy of the examination question paper Part A Multiple Choice QuestionsAll multiplechoice answers must be recorded on the SCANTRON sheet provided via HB pencil before the end of the exam Extra time will not be given to record the answersYour name student number and exam version color must appear on the SCANTRON sheetBe sure to correctly fill in your student number in the boxes providedOnce the exam concludes the SCANTRON sheets must be returned promptlyYou are expected to answer 40 of the 41 questionsthere is one bonus question all questions are weighted equallyRead each question very carefully before deciding upon your answerNATS 1780 A 60Y Summer 2013 Final ExaminationAugust 15 2013 11The temperature to which an air mass must be cooled in order for saturation to occur is known as theaMelting pointbWetbulb temperaturecEvaporation pointdDrybulb temperatureeAbsolute zerofDew pointgFreezing pointhMinimum temperature2The basis for the diurnal RH model isaDiurnal variations in the dew point bTurbulence at Earths surface cDiurnal diabatic heatingdDiurnal adiabatic heatingePhase change in the system HO 23In a closed system containing two or more phases there is a constant exchange of molecules between the phases Equilibrium is established when the exchange between the phases is equivalentaTruebFalse4Condensation is an exothermic phase changeaTruebFalse5As the temperature of an air mass increases its capacity for water vaporaRemains unchangedbIncreasescDecreasesdCannot be determined6When an air mass is saturated which of the following statements is not correctaThe wetbulb temperature equals the dew pointbThe relative humidity is 100cAn increase in temperature will cause condensation to occurdThe air temperature equals the dew pointeThe air temperature equals the wetbulb temperatureNATS 1780 A 60Y Summer 2013 Final ExaminationAugust 15 2013 2
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