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Test #2 Study Notes These are the study notes for the second test on the planets. In this note there is detailed information on every planet as well as their important moons. This got me a great mark on the test!

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NATS 1880
Mary- Helen Armour

Life beyond Earth Study NotesEnvironmental Requirements for Habitability It must have a source of molecules from which to build living cellsIt must have a source of energy to fuel metabolismIt must have a liquid medium for transporting the molecules of lifeThere are two main planet types for the planets in our solar systemTerrestrial PlanetMercury Venus Earth and Marsinner solar systemGas GiantsJupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune outer solar systemPlanets listed in order from the sunTidal Heating Tidal heating is the heating of the interior of one planetary body caused by stresses induced from the gravitational pull of another MercuryMercurys surface looks much like that of the moons there are many craters that cover the entire surface Mercury is much smaller than earth and because of this has lost internal heatThere is no longer any volcanism on mercuryMercury is essentially airless because no volcanic activity means no outgassing into the atmosphereOne of the least likely to be habitableNo liquids anywhere on the surface because of the high surface temperatures 586 day rotation period and an 879 day orbital periodday temperature 425 celcius NO ATMOSPHERE Almost certainly lifeless Large iron core does generate a magnetic field 1 the strength of earths NOT HABITABLEVenusNearly identical to earth in size Named sister planetCompletely shrouded by thick cloudsMariner 2 discovered that the surface is scorching hot about 470 celciusA thick atmosphere bears down on the surface about 90 times the strength of EarthsThese extreme conditions are caused by an overwhelmingly strong greenhouse effectCarbon dioxide makes up 96 of the atmosphere where its 1 on Earth
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