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OMIS 2010- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 25 pages long!)

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Operations Management and Information System
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OMIS 2010
Linda Lakats

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[OMIS 2010] Comprehensive winter guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at OMIS 2010 – Assignment B1 – Winter 2017 Assignment Instructions (please read carefully) 1. Submit your assignment to the link posted on Moodle. 2. Make sure to upload it to the correct link by section. 3. Work can be done by group of 2-3 students. Groups can not consist of students from other sections of the course. 4. Only one person uploads the assignment, adding all names on the file. The files names should be of the form: “A2_LastName1_LastName2_LastName3.xlsx” LastName1 is the last name of student 1, LastName2 is the last name of student 2, etc. 5. You are free to discuss your approach with other individuals or pairs, but your write-up should be prepared independently by the person(s) submitting the assignment. It is a violation of the rules of academic honesty to copy someone else’s assignment and present it as your own. 6. The assignment cover page is posted (see next page). 7. You should upload the following: a. A completed cover page. b. A Word or PDF file with the assignment answers. Each answer file should include screenshots of supporting work (Excel model & output) to accompany the relevant question. c. Excel file with your work [always submit the Excel work to support your answer]. Use different tabs to identify the answers to each individual question when needed. 8. Generally, answers should be typed on the computer (graphs can be generated manually and incorporated into the assignment document). 9. The assignments should be organized by question. That means every piece of information for that question is found in the same section of the report. Use labeling and titles to make sure all is clear. If I have to look for it, it is not organized. Don’t forget to add the Excel outputs if you used them to analyze the case. You may use an appendix to give further details of your model or calculations if required. 10. Late work will not be accepted. (You will earn a grade of 0.) find more resources at
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