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Operations Management and Information System
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OMIS 3670
Frank Falco
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Discussion essay
Introduction- as is commonly understood
1st sentence is a background statement of the topic
2nd sentence is a detailed background statement of the topic (more info on topic)
3rd the points of view on the topic that will be analyzed
Last sentence the outline sentence (the order we will discuss these points of view)
Thesis- it is argued... it is believed... it will be shown....
This will be proven by analyzing...
This will be shown by taking into account....
Supporting paragraph 1-
1st sentence- is a statement of point of view
2nd- evidence that supports the view
3rd- provide a discussion statement (links the example to the point of view)
4th- conclusion sentence- supportive statements that would agree with POV 1
Supporting paragraph 2- point of view
Same as above
Summary of both points of view
Statement of our POV
Last sentence is a prediction or a recommendation
1. When writing a essay understand the question (what you are supposed to be
arguing about)
2. Then scope out what you are supposed to talk about (do not want to go off
3. After that you have to find things that agree and disagree with the statement
(try and think within the country, do go too off topic)
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