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Organization Studies
ORGS 1000
Marnie Smith

Chapter 1- Introduction to Organizational Behaviour - Organizational behaviours is a field of study which works to understand, explain, and try to improve the attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups in organization o Why do individuals and groups in organizations act the way they do? - Organizational behaviour is commonly mistaken for two other fields of study o Human resource management – focuses on applications of OB theories and principles o Strategic management – explores the project choices and industry characteristics affecting an organizations profitability - There were two main contributors to the classical theory of management o Scientific Management – using scientific methods to design optimal and efficient work processes o Bureaucracy – an organization form that emphasized the control and coordination of its members through strict means o Human relations movement- a field of study that recognizes that the psychological attributes of individual workers and the social forces within work groups have important effects on OB. - Two primary outcomes in organizational behaviour o Job Performance o Organizational Commitment - Two outcomes in organizational behaviour are influenced by key individual mechanisms - Relations must be considered in several important contexts: o Personal attributes of the individual
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