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Organization Studies
ORGS 1000
Marnie Smith

Chapter 2: Job Performance Job Performance – employee behaviours that contribute positively or negatively to the completion of organizational goals  Purpose: knowing how you perform helps you perform better  Doesn’t always depend on end results because job performance also depends on uncontrollable factors o Examples: product quality, competition, budget constraints, co-workers, etc.  The MBO, BARS, and 360-degree feedback are ways to manage employee performance (see textbook 42,43)  We judge job performance on 3 broad factors: Task Performance Task Performance – Employee behaviours that are directly involved in turning resources into the goods/services the organization provides; has employee obligations that must be fulfilled  Task behaviour isn’t just performed/not performed; you can exceed expectations  Task behaviours differ between jobs; can be categorized into: o Routine task performance – well-known/habitual responses to predictable task demands  Ex. Routine expressionless explanation of seat-belt safety by flight attendants o Adaptive task performance – thoughtful responses to unique or unusual task demands  Ex. Calm and useful flight attendant service in a plane crash  Can involve handling emergencies, solving new problems, handling stress, etc.  Organizations identify and evaluate task behaviours/determine specific job requirements via job analysis  Can also find/use information about occupations via the National Occupational Classification (NOC) o Is a Canadian database of 30 000 job titles into 520 group descriptions Citizenship Behaviour Citizenship Behaviour
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