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York University
PHIL 1002
Rebecca Jubis

Chapter 10 Judging Scientific TheoriesChapter SummaryScience seeks knowledge and understanding of reality and it does so through the formulation testing and evaluation of theories Science is a way of searching for truth Technology though is the production of products Science is not a worldview and we cant identify it with a particular ideology A particular worldview may predominate in the scientific community but this doesnt mean that the worldview is what science is all about Science is not scientismit is not the only way to acquire knowledge It is however our most reliable way of acquiring knowledge of empirical facts The scientific method cannot be identified with any particular set of experimental or observational procedures But it does involve several general steps 1identifying the problem 2devising a hypothesis 3deriving a test implication 4performing the test and 5accepting or rejecting the hypothesis This kind of theorytesting is part of a broader effort to evaluate a theory against its competitors This kind of evaluation always involves implicitly or explicitly the criteria of adequacy Inference to the best explanation can be used to assess weird theories as well as more commonplace explanations in science and everyday life However
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