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York University
PHIL 1100
Henry Jackman

Information about your Final ExamDateIt can take a while for the university to set the date for the final exam so be sure to arrange to be in town for the entire exam period at least until the definite exam dates are set In a class of this size I cannot make special arrangements for you just because the date that the University has chosen for the exam isnt convenient for you Update The exam date has been now set by ththe Registrars office for August 13FormatFor the final exam you will be expected to write 10 short essays choosing 10 questions from a list of 12 provided at the start of the examThese twelve questions will themselves be taken from a list to be found on the following three pagesYour answers should be about 300 words each and each essay will be worth 10 of your exam gradePlease note that if you answer all 12 questions you will simply be graded on the first ten questions that you answer not on the best tenSince the exam is not open book you will not be expected to include quotations or page references with your essaysFurther you will not need introductory or concluding paragraphsStill you should have grammatical sentences logically put together into coherent paragraphsPoint form answers are not acceptableSince you have these questions in advance you should be able to answer any of them clearly and conciselyIt is crucial for these essays to be on topic you are more likely to hurt your grade by including material that doesnt directly relate to the assigned question than you by having an answer that is a little on the short side Please NoteBecause of problems we have had with past exams1 Students are not allowed to use iPods or any other sort of music player during the exam2 All cellular phones need to be put away at all times so if you typically use your phone to tell the time be sure to bring an alternate timepiece for the exam itself
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