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A.J Ayer

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PHIL 1100
Anita Lam

AJAyerThe Claims of Philosophy FYI much of this lecture is not in the textLogical Positivism Core Principal informs Ayers viewIf you cannot specify how you can verify a statement then it is not crediblemeaningless statement neither true nor false If a question is so framed as to be unanswerable then it is not a matter for regret that it remains unanswered It is therefore misleading to say that life has no meaning for that suggests that the statement that life has a meaning is factually significant but false whereas the truth is that in the sense in which it is taken in this context it is not factually significant 2012 Types of PhilosophersPontiffsJourneymenPontiffsLook down on science think science is somewhat irrational only philosophy combined with metaphysics can get to real nature of universe reality Ayer says Philosophy at this point ceases to be in any ordinary sense of the word knowledgePostmodernistdifferent from post modernist thinkers Rejects enlightenment of searching for a truth There is no universal truth but many truths rejects human nature and science Critique no facts no objectivity Just your truths and my truths perspectives individual perspectives cultural perspectives and politicalJourneymenLike scientist focus on variety of particular problemshistorical mathematical and metascientific logical to frame hypothesis which they could possibly test by observationAyer has problems with this approachTend to take common sense for grantedArguesscientists need to learn some philosophyArgues With journeymen philosophers when they find themselves in philosophical muddlesconfusion they tend to turn to psychology to explain why a philosopher would believe such a thingArguesJourneymen should be learning more philosophy and integrating it with science
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