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Richard taylor

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York University
PHIL 1100
Anita Lam

RICHARD TAYLORpp 134Answer to the meaning of lifequestions whether life has any meaning and the idea of meaningfulnessAnswers this question by referencing a perfect image of meaninglessnessSisyphus Uses this understanding of meaninglessness to provide a clearer definition of meaningfulness in life opposite Myth of SisyphusReferences this myth asthe picture of meaningless pointless toilmeaningless existence pg 134or as a paradigm of a meaningless existenceTaylor notes that Sisyphus life is pointless not because hehas to role the stone over the hill over and overbut because Sisyphus is cursed with the fate of a repetitious cyclic activity that never comes to anything p 135his struggle comes to nothing bc his labour is pointlessthere is no purposecomes to nothingFinding Meaningfulness In the life of Sisyphus Taylor alters the mythuses the story to make meaning of Sisyphus life by adding a purpose to his labours Sayswhat if the gods as an afterthought were merciful to Sisyphus by implanting in him a strange and irrational impulse namely a compulsive impulse to roll stones p 136Suppose he had a desire to do somethingthis pointlessthis change in attitudeview would re
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