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The Meaning of Life Terms

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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Philosophy The Meaning of Life Terms Tolstoyy Existential Vacuumwhen one feels life is meaninglessemptyy Existential Frustration when one finds the meaning of life but is frustrated in finding it signs of incompletiony Fideism not knowing but having a leap in faith y Agnosticism not knowing Quinny Axiological meaning positive intrinsic value it doesnt matter whether people value it or not it has value on its own IE if my life has this type of meaning my life would be valuablepositivie doesnt matter about others y Teleological Meaning relating to end goals and purposes of life positive goals that are pursued with zest y Logical positivism a philosophical theory that holds to be meaningful only those propositions that can be analyzed by the tools of logic into elementary propositions that are either tautological or are empirically verifiable It therefore reje
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