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PHYS1420 mock exam

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Physics and Astronomy
PHYS 1420
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Mock exam Physics 1420 PASS Facebook Group: Physics 1420 pass Intended for use by Bethune College PASS program 1 An owl sits on a ledge of height h and sees a mouse rum towardseed v its home a distance s away. How fast does the owl need to accelerate (from rest) to catch the mouse right before it gets away? 1 2 Two blocks with masses m an1 m are 2onnected by a string over a metal wedge of angle ▯. a)Find the acceleration of the two blocks if the two blocks are frictionless. b)Find the acceleration if the two blocks have respective kinetic friction coe▯- cients of k1 and uk2 2 3 A skier starts from rest at the top of a frictionless hill of height h. The skier slides down the hill and o▯ a ramp of angle ▯ that is half as high as the hill a) What is the kinetic energy and velocity at the bottom of the hill? b) What is the velocity of the skier when he goes o▯ the ramp? c) What is the maximum height he can achieve? 3 4 An astronaut weighs 85kg, including her oxygen tank. She is stranded 125m from the space station. In order to get back before the oxygen in her suit runs out, she must launch her oxygen tank away from the space station. a) How fast must must she throw the 15kg oxygen tank to get back with 2 minutes? b) Assuming that she pushes the oxygen tank away for 0.2 sec, what average force would she have to apply in order to obtain the necessary speed? 4 5 A small object of mass m is attached to a rod of length l by two stings, each of length s. If the object rotates around the rod at a constant speed of v, ▯nd the tension in each string. Use valu
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