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York University
Political Science
POLS 1000
Janice Newton

1 General Conditions 2 Assumptions 3 Principles of Justification 4 Key Features 5 Criticisms Classical Greek Democracy Republicanism Developmental Republicanism thSmall citystates slave economy Romeo and Juliet warring 18 century France small and the labour of women creates among factions small cities agrarian society broad equality free time for citizens workers and women excluded of wealth absolute right of restriction of citizenship to a trade and independent artisans kings domestic service of small number women Citizens are expected to vote for selfseeking lazysuspicious humans in a state of nature the common good rational incapable of doing were equal and free society deliberation deliberation among anything good unless corrupts troubles leads them equals focused on civic virtue constrained by necessity out of the state of nature and societys members will protect into society social contract their selfinterest opposed must preserve freedom and social forcescivic virtue equality Rule and be ruled in turn Political participation is an Citizens must enjoy political and deliberation and voting ensures essential condition economic equality in order that decisions are made for the of personal liberty if citizens do nobody can be master of common good citizens should not rule themselves they will be another and all can enjoy equal enjoy political equality dominated by others freedom and development in the process of selfdetermination determination for the common good Direct participation of citizens in Balanced power and mixed Consensus or majority rule legislative and judicial functions government broadens politics separate legislative and citizens have sovereign power beyond the nobility social executive functions sovereignty no distinctions of privilege to groups defend their interests rests in the people direct differentiate ordinary citizens participation in councils participation of citizens in public and public officials short terms subordinate individual concerns meetings diffusion of private of office for all payment for to public good freedom of property among the many public services citizens have speech freedom of expression executive positions in the hands rights freedom or association rule of of magistrates or law rule by many people and administrators by law Based on a slave economy wise Tyranny of the masses people Tyranny of the masses fails to outshouted by many people choose short term gain over long protect citizens from one choose short term gain over long term goals another term goals people represented by self interest
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