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Political Science
POLS 1000
Glenn Goshulak

AS POLS 1000 6.0 A MID-TERM TEST STUDY GUIDE TERMS charismatic authority International Power legitimized on the basis of a leadecompetitiveness exceptional personal qualities or the An economic term which describes a state’s demonstration of extraordinary insight anappeal to corporations and investors. This is accomplishment, which inspire loyalty anddetermined by wages, taxes and regulations. obedience. See ( Distributive Justice A fairness that arises when wealth and goods areionary bargaining This was the radical idea to give unions and distributed justly. labor a little something to get them to get back to Utilitarian ethics work. This “give and take” idea was unique since A school of thought that seeks to maximizbefore this the state and the factory owners “happiness” while reducing pain. Often criticized would crush labor movements. for being too rational, often claiming toPost-Fordism greater good. Developmental Usually characterized by small batch production, women in the work force, and paying workers republicanism enough to afford the products they make. The idea that within the republic and the activityproduction of democracy and participation will develAre ways in which things are being produced people as a whole. Coined by Rousseau. example of this are feudalism Mercantilism, and John Maynard Keynes capitalism. mass production and Keynes was a British economist, who after doing extensive work on the business cycle. Gavconsumption policy advice to western economies. This Both are needed to sustain each other. Mass lead to a school of thought called “KeyneProduction is when things are produced in large economics”. quantities with assembly lines. Consumption is Night Watchman State the buying of goods. Also called the minimalist state, where tSovereignty only legitimate function is to protect the rights of individuals with an emphasis on property rights. that came out of the treaty of Westphalia. Essentially is the ability to express Post-war settlement absolute authority over a geological area. It was the idea that we sould do somethinCommunism curve the business cycles that caused theThe elimination of class as well and the state. depression. See John Maynard Keynes. Dictatorship of the proletariat. Unwritten constitutions A set of unwritten rules and traditions that no of Westphalia one challenges. They are rules that everyonewas a series of peace treaties in 1648. They fallows yet it’s not illegal not too. laid the ground work for what was known as “Westphalia Sovereignty” and to the creation of Anarchism the nation state as well as freedom from empires. 1 An Idea that the state is unnecessary, outdatedSocial democracy harmful. They advocate that self-governance is Also called Democratic Socialism, take the best. middle road of socialism. Incudes a robust social Brokerage parties welfare system, mixed private and public Are parties without a “true” se
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