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Political Science
POLS 2900
Simone Bohn

thSocial Capital Theory and its CritiqueMarch 26 2014Underdeveloped world has become under global dominant capitalist relation of productionYou cant have interconnectedness it is more hierarchalSocial Capital talking about investment value How do we do it How do we create social capital o The central thesis that relationship matter Social capital through relationship the we accumulateThe central idea is that social network are valuable asset Because when establish relationship build networko Many countries going through certain changes look at their anylsis they try to point out they build social network organization of people The argument is that interaction enable to build community to commit self to each other and establish cohesive social relationship Its sense of belonging when you get into relationship When you belong you are expressing loyalty in different ways Its also about trust and tolerance It could be susitained more cohesively through trust When engaged with other try to move from self to some degree of to do that you need to trust other entity to open up self and establish a relationship and you have to increase certain degree of tolerance from individual to establish network Because invest it there is something in it for you Go through hard time because you are expecting to get something out of ito You are investing in something because there is a return This could be done at the level of the individual or the level of the state in term of public college As individual do it on ba
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