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POLS 1000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Liberal Democracy, Homo Economicus, Body Politic

Political Science
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POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh
Study Guide

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POLS 1000 Final Exam Review
Question #1: Explain why the “individual property owner” is placed in the center of liberal
Two-part question: the individual and the property owner
- A liberal society is built in a way where there is minimal state intervention and the individual has
the “right to life, liberty, and happiness” (American Declaration of Independence)
oThe individual is the main unit of analysis
- Society must come second to the individual
o“There is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women …” (Margret
oSociety is nothing but what rational individuals do within the society
- Individuals are rational; therefore, nobody understands individual happiness better than the
oReason manifests itself through the individual
Property Owner
- Happiness comes from the interaction with the physical nature
oProperty, as in real estate and economic goods, allow humans to be happy and remain
oProperty withstands the test of time
- Humans realized they can conquer and master the physical world
oThis became a fundamental component of the modern project
- An individual’s destiny is realized through the appropriation of human nature
oProperty is the appropriation of nature
Property can only be acquired through work/labour
oProperty acquired through labour is the first condition of happiness
oFreedom becomes the appropriation of property
Right to property is the first priority and this will condition all the other rights
- Property and right of property requires security in order to manifest itself
oProperty must be protected, which requires state intervention
Question #3: Explain the importance of hierarchy for conservatism
- Human relationships must reproduce the universal order of things
oThey must be organized by a hierarchy that rests upon the right values and merit
Conservative thought is hierarchical thought
- People are obliged to respect tradition and the hierarchical order of things
- Will promote conservative values and hierarchy through:
- Conservatives reject equality
oEquality is an abstract form of organizing
oEquality is an artificial that is contradictory to human nature
oEquality was never an organizing principle through history
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