POLS 2900 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Demagogue, Well-Order, Bernard Crick

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Explain the grounds on which aristotle makes his argument, attending to what he tells you about the relations of ethics, politics, and wisdom in his approach compared to that of plato. Philosophers only become rulers because they are the only ones who are. Politics don"t have intrinsic value: plato sees no value in ruling, political participation, voting, etc, the only thing that has value is philosophy and absolute knowledge (forms) Only philosophers can rule can rule without seeking power or becoming corrupt. Connected to plato"s but not the same as plato"s absolute knowledge: politics/ethics as practical sciences, rulers must be knowledgeable. Polis should allow for moral perfection: we are by natural political animals, but should live in small communities. Aristotle"s main organizing principle: justice: ruling is important because it is ethical action/position in itself. Aristotle sees politics as more than an afterthought, politics has value in itself.

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