POLS 2910 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Prince Edward Islands, Parti Québécois, Caucus

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The british law passed in 1774 that provided for a system of government for the colony of quebec (canada) and that provided certain privileges to the. The process for amending the constitution, constituting of five different parts. Ottawa is open to treating provinces differently from each other. An act of the canadian parliament passed in 1960 that outlined the basic civil liberties of canadians but whose defects caused judicial confusion and limited the bill"s effectiveness. Wwii and communism / don"t have rights like. Us / it"s part of the nation building process and ideological (gov. afraid they"ll become totalitarian, they"re a liberal gov. and wanted to give rights to fit their name) Differences from bill of rights? bill (can be drawn) vs constitution (can"t be drawn) / individual rights (no economic rights - so it doesnt stop on future gov. actions and spending priorities)

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