POLS 3270 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Hegemony, State Ownership, Logistic Function

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The exam will be 2 hours, in class, during regular lecture hours; please be there at 4pm sharp. It will cover chapters 1-5 and 7 of schwartz: states vs markets. The establishment of modern state is the coordination of gun (monopoly of violence), lawyer (property rights and political obligation), money (revenue extraction) and god (national myth). Internally: kings move barriers to the movement of goods to reduce the resources controlled by nobles. Inland merchants: trade luxuries: long-distance trade: daily necessities, overlap with the other two actors, with kings, monetization of economy: kings link inland microeconomies and merchants link coastal economies, avoid external threat, with merchants: avoid kings too powerful. Intersection of the three actors: kings and nobles: states constitutions, property right, sovereignty, kings and merchants: public debt (merchants provide funds, kings provide protection, merchants and nobles: lawyer, different kings: absolute sovereignty. Weakness: this theory does not explain the colonism and imperialism of the west.