POLS 3270 Final: Study Guide for Final Exam-Final version

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The exam will be 2 hours, in class, during regular lecture hours; please be there at. It will cover chapters 1-5 and 7 of schwartz: states vs markets. If you can deal with the following questions, you should be able to deal with the actual exam questions (which will not be exactly the same): The establishment of modern state is the coordination of gun (monopoly of violence), lawyer (property rights and political obligation), money (revenue extraction) and god (national myth). The development of mercantilism is also an important part of the rise of the west: it pursues the inflow of money and the monetization of the economy. Use of state power (organized violence) to pursue plenty (economic wealth) Trade surplus and accumulation of metallic money. Externally: waterborne economy contain more movable resources and states consciously tried to use external resources for immediate use. Internally: kings move barriers to the movement of goods to reduce the resources controlled by nobles.