POLS 3553 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Coruscant, Social Insurance, Currying

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What were the main similarities and differences in the early colonial experience of latin. Changes between latin america and global north: global north began expanding production outwards, latin america became a supplier zone for cheap commodities and raw materials, foreign investment investing back into the company to increase production ex. Building railroads in chile and argentina to transport goods: criollo elites and spain - export or capital required some assurance to protecting and organizing long-term investment, local elites were willing and able to guarantee this. Free trade reforms: reduced interest in colonial expansion, but maintained colonial markets for production and imports, reduced tariffs that protected domestic producers, removal of cheaper commodities from other countries (except spain and britain) Increased taxation and power of spanish merchants: relations with catholic church, challenged power of church (biggest landowner) over land, criollos put back in charge, but faced same issues as spanish elites (taxing, labor supply, etc. )

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