PPAS 4130 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Bora Laskin, Patriation Reference, Reference Question

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Ppas 4130 politics, law & the courts //just summary info for now, will discuss rest tomorrow during phone call. This reading is of a speech that trudeau offered to present for the opening of the bora laskin. Trudeau stated himself he doesn"t usually offer convocation speeches but because of the respect he had for bora laskin, he decided to do so. Bora laskin, was a canadian lawyer, academic and judge. Canada for fourteen years, including a decade as the 14th, chief justice of canada. He was appointed to the scc by trudeau. He was involved in the decision of the patriation reference, which is what trudeau focuses on during his speech. Trudeau mainly appreciates him because he was one of the three minority judges that considered trudeaus attempt to unilaterally patriate the constitution, without the consent of the provinces, legal.