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Midterm 3 It's from the new psychology textbook!

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York University
PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Chapter 3 Consciousnessbeing aware of ourselves and environment States of Consciousness sleeping and wakingCognitive Neuroscienceinterdisciplinary study of the brain activity perception thinking memory and language Dual Processinginformation is processed on conscious explicit and unconscious implicit tracks Visual Perception Trackhelps us unconsciously recognize things and to plan future actions Visual Action Trackguides our conscious moment to moment actions Selective Attentionthe focusing of conscious awareness on a particular stimulus Cocktail Party Effectthe ability to attend to only one voice among many Inattentional Blindnessnot seeing visible objects when our attention is directed elsewhere Change Blindnessnot noticing changes in the environment Circadian Rhythmbiological clocks Melatoninsleepinginducing hormone REM SleepRapid Eye Movement sleep stage where dreams occur Awake Relaxed alpha wave Stage 1 sleep Stage 2 sleep spindle burst of activity Stage 3 sleep Stage 4 sleep delta waves REM sleep eye movement phasedreaming Alpha Wavesslow brain waves of a relaxed awake stage Hallucinationsfalse sensory experiences seeing something that isnt there Delta Waveslarge slow brain waves occurring in deep sleep 1 Sleep protects 2 Sleep helps us recuperate 3 Sleep is for making new memories 4 Sleep feeds on creative thinking 5 Sleep may play a role in growth process Insomnianot being able to sleepNarcolepsyuncontrollable sleep attacks Sleep Apneanot being able to breathe during your sleep 1
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