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Midterm 4 It's based on the new psychology textbook!

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Test 4 PsychometricsDeals with the design administration and interpretation tests measurements for psychological variablesPsychological Testsmay give you feedback on intelligenceUse of tests by societyfor example IQ tests and aptitude tests Binetdiagnostic tests identifying different areas of the strengths and weaknesses Selffulfilling Prophecywhen you know that your child is not doing well so you tend not to teach them MMPIbroad section tests thats standardized by patients you derived scores to see whether or not the patient is truly depressed tests are being used primarily for the use of the institutions Aptitude Testcertain aptitude tests to pick out what youre career may be in the future depending on your personality and work habits you cant fake aptitude tests Social Desirabilitytendency to present yourself as a likable person rather than the typical crazy person Validity Scalestry to identify their symptoms whether are exaggerating or theyre lying L scale K scale Test Retesttesting the validity of the tests to see how efficient and accurate the test is Criterioncriterion groups concurrent predictiveIntelligenceits whatever intelligence tests measures Wechslerglobal capacity of the individual to act purposefully to think rationally and to deal effectively with his environmentAcademic Aptitude Testis an intelligence testIQ Testpredicting intelligence testsHebbIntelligence A and B high lighting the fact that you are unable to measure potential Intelligience QuotientBinet was given a task of developing a task that would identify that children needed special help He said that the function of age has a great deal of intelligence with age you gain more knowledge such as reasoningHeritabilityhigh portions of genetics Psychology Debates1 memory war over whether traumatic experiences are repressed and can later be recovered with therapeutic benefit2 gender war over the extent to which nature and nurture shape our behaviours as men and women 3 intelligence war1We refer to IQ as a fixed trait reasoning error is called reificationabstract immaterial concept as if it were a concrete thing Reify is to invent a concept give it a name and to make others believe it Intelligence Testmethod for assessing an individuals mental aptitudes and comparing them with those of others Intelligenceability to learn from experience and solve problemsGeneral Intelligencea general intelligence factor that underlies mental abilities and is therefore measured by every task on an intelligence testFactor analysisstatistical methods thats used for psychometrics Thurstons Seven cluster of mental abilitiesword fluency verbal comprehension spatial ability perceptual speed numerical ability inductive reasoning and memory Savant Syndromea person who is limited in mental ability but has other skillsThose who are high successful are conscientious wellconnected and doggedly energetic Three intelligencesAnalytical academic problemsolving intelligence intelligence tests with problems where theres only a single right answer Creative Intelligence reacting adaptively to novel situations and generating novel ideas Practical Intelligence deals with everyday tasks Gardners Eight Intelligenceslinguistic logicalmathematical musical spatial bodilykinesthetic intrapersonal self interpersonal others and naturalist eight independent intelligences Spearmans general intelligencebasic intelligence that predict our abilities in varied academic areas Sternbergs Triarchicthree areas that predict realworld success analytical creative and practicalCreativityability to produce novel and valuable ideasConvergent thinkinghaving a single correct answer Divergent thinkinghaving more than a single correct answerExpertisewelldeveloped base of knowledge furnishes the ideas images and phrases we use as mental building blocks Imaginative thinking skillsability to see things in novel ways to recognize patterns and to make connections A venturesome personalityseeking new experiences tolerates ambiguity and risk and preservers in overcoming obstacles Intrinsic motivationdriven by interest satisfaction and challenge than by external pressures Creative Environmentsparks supports and refines creative ideas2
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