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Intelligence and psych.test construction A continuation of the theories of intelligence and the requirements of a good psychological test and methods of assessing the quality of tests.

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Amanda ErdFeb 3 2011 PSYCH 1010There will be a film next weekContinuation from last weeks intelligence testingWAIS Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scalethere are subtests within the WAIS and each have their own scoreVERBALinformation comprehension arithmetic similarities digit span vocabularyEgof test itemsPERFORMANCEdigit symbol substitution picture completion block designon WAISA more recent approach to Intelligence is the COGNITIVE PERSPECTIVEthe process of intelligence rather than the amount of intelligenceHow people USE the intelligence they haveSternberg theory and the Triarch of Intelligence see text book for diagramsub theory of the triarch of intelligence is the experiential sub theory how the past will influence intelligence and vice versaHow effectively can we deal with new experiencesThree facets of intelligenceAnalyticalassess the traditional IQ areas academicsCreative intelligenceAbility to generate new ideasPractical intelligencedealing effectively with
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