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Notes on Chapter 10 These notes are taken from the text book "Psychology Themes and Variations". I will provide the notes for chapter 10 Motivation and Emotion. This can be useful for the midterm.

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Myriam Mongrain

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Chapter 10Dec 142010 Motivation and Emotion Motivational TheoriesMotives needs wants interests and desires that involve goaldirected behaviourClark Hull homeostasis the drive theory 1 Drive theorystate of tension that motivates an organism to try and reduce this tension through certain activitiesEg Drive reduction hungrynot a stable state eat restore physiological equilibriumCannot describe every motivationInternal state push people in certain directionBiological factors of motivationSource of motivation is within the organism 2 Incentive theoryexternal goal that has the capacity to motivate behaviourSome may reduce drivesome do notEnvironmental factors of motivationSource of motivation runs outside the organismExpectancy value chance of gaining incentivethe desired incentiveMay also exist without drive arousal eg See ice cream go buy ice cream 3 Evolutionary TheoryNatural selection favours behaviour thatmaximizes reproductive success eg Dominance aggression affiliation 2 types of human motives 1 Biological hunger thirst sex temperature sleep aggression activityarousal 2 Social achievement affiliation autonomyindependence nurture dominance order play exhibitionimpress Examples of Types of motivation 1 Motivation of Hunger and Eating What causes hunger Biological factors 1 role of the brain 2 blood sugar level digestion regulations 3 hormones Brain regulationsLateral hypothalamus hunger removedVentromedial nucleus of hypothalamus hunger never left Blood sugar level digestion regulations
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