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Chpt 8/9 Emotional Intelligence, Test construction

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

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Feb 4 2011 Cognitive Perspective focuses on the process of intelligence rather than on the amount of intelligenceSternbergtriarchic theory Emotional Intelligence Goleman 1990 consists of the ability to perceive and express emotion to assimilate or incorporate emotion in thought understand and reason with emotion and regulate emotion realize how emotions can influence behavior high emotional intelligence will do better in life than low emotional intelligenceTest Construction 1 Standardization a uniform procedure whereby the original test questions are administered to a large group in order to produce questions that can discriminate among peoplein order to provide a set of standards or norms by which to judge what an individual score means 2 Reliability refers to where there is a consistency in test score Types of Reliability a Testretest reliability b Testretest with alternate forms c SplitTest Reliabilitydetermine internal reliability how much reliability is in the
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